Anti-insect Cat Collar
Anti-insect Cat Collar
Anti-insect Cat Collar
Anti-insect Cat Collar
Anti-insect Cat Collar

Anti-insect Cat Collar

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  • LONG LASTING PROTECTION - 8 months continuous and effective defense against fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, and larvae. The collar will serve as a repellent and a shield to all these insects to keep your pet free from them.
  • Sleek new anti flea collar design allows to adjust the collar depending on cat size, small young cats or big adult cats. Buckle/belt adjustment prevents cat from loosening the collar and sliding over its head. 
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: 33 cm collar
  • 24-HOUR FAST ACTING NATURAL FORMULA - The effective non toxic formula used in the collar acts fast to start seeing results and improvement within the first 24 hours of use.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Anti tick collar is made out of a durable and strong material that can resist water, so don't worry about bathing your pet with the collar on or if your pet gets wet in the rain.
Only 61% of dogs and 42% of cats that enter shelters are adopted. It costs as little as $4.93 to provide help and rescue for an animal seeking a forever home.


15% of product cost will be donated to Pledgeling Animal Rescue Fund with no caps or end dates thru Pledge

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